RoboRumble Quick Info

RoboRumble organized by Iotics

Robo Rumble is a flagship robot competition organized by the Iotics Club of IIITN, under the banner of TantraFiesta 2k22, the biggest annual Tech Fest of IIIT Nagpur. Here you get an exciting and thrilling experience in the view sight. Feel the rumbling of robocars on the tracks, plenty of obstacles, and the boasting show of Robo-mechanical strength in Tug of War. Each and Every second of this event will be filled with the intense mechanical roaring of the R-cars and variating projections of the winning leads.


Registration begins

20th September 2022

Registration ends

25th September 2022

Online Screening Round deadline

1st October 2022

Results Display

2nd October 2022

Inspection Round

15th October 2022


15th October 2022

Finale(Tug of War)

15th October 2022


  • Prize pool of Rs. 22500/-1
  • Winning Team will be awarded Rs. 15000/-2
  • Runner-up Team will be awarded 7500/-3

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