Calling all tech geeks and cybersecurity enthusiasts to join EnigmaXplore, a thrilling Jeopardy-style cybersecurity competition that will put your skills to the test!
EnigmaXplore unlike others is a Jeopardy style, cyber security competition. It is an opportunity for Tech geeks to show their skill in various areas of computing and real-life security challenges. It’s a 24-hour online live time event, having challenges from different categories like Reverse Engineering, Binary Exploitation, Forensics, Web Exploitation, cryptography etc. It's not just a competition; it's a chance to showcase your cybersecurity prowess. Don't miss the opportunity to participate in Probe –EnigmaXplore and prove your mettle in the world of cybersecurity!
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    01 October

  • Online Round Start

    13 October

  • Online Round Ends

    14 October

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