Byte Craft
Unlock the future of technology at IOTICS – ByteCraft! ByteCraft challenges you to integrate hardware and software using the latest advancements in AI and IoT technologies, pushing the boundaries of innovation.
ByteCraft an exciting event organized by Iotics Club under the roof of TantraFiesta. ByteCraft is the platform where the brightest minds converge to showcase their prowess in the dynamic realms of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT). Participants are tasked with a captivating challenge to craft a working model that seamlessly integrates cutting-edge hardware and software, all driven by the power of AI and IoT technologies. This event is a testament to the fusion of the digital and physical worlds, where participants breathe life into their ingenious ideas and concepts.
  • Registration

    25 September

  • Online Round

    08 September

  • Offline Round

    13 October

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